Should I leave and give him some space? He just seems unhappy all the time and it's wearing me down?

Me and him have been together for four years. We really love each other but I don't feel he's happy. I want someone who smiles at me when they see me someone who's happy to be around me. Sometimes he just has this look of unhappiness on his face and when I ask what's wrong or tex what's wrong he always says nothing he's fine. I think it's his relationship with his family. I know they don't like our relationship. He's the type to really cater to his women and they don't like it. Its been 4 years and they haven't accepted our relationship. From the beginning when they saw how much he cared and loved me they started to act real rude. They were very jealous and I feel it's because he took on the role of being the man of their family and now he wants to create one outside of them or add his own. His family is really damaged due to his father. They just haven't acaccepted him since then. It was complete chaos. We has tried to have us both and I even tried I promise to be liked and be there for them but it doesn't work. No matter what we do they aren't satisfied. Its like I know what you did for me but what are you doing now. If he isn't providing for them the way they want he is ignored. The father is mad we got our own place after he took him in off the streets. He was literally living in the park. We lived with them to help but they were so resentful and negative towards him I couldn't take it so we left. He was use to it but it put me in a very negative place. Even after leaving he helped his father but it didn't matter. So now he doesn't have real relationships with them. I stay away because of the negativity but I always say you don't have to baby. I don't know what to do and I know this is the real issue. I just wish everything could be ok between them so he can be happy. I try to be nice but I know they don't want to accept me and the only time they like me or him is when we are doing something for them. Sometimes I just feel like maybe we should break up.


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  • welcome to my world :(

    • It really sucks! Tell me about your situation?

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    • It won't stop. She thinks because she's the patent its ok and he will put up with it.

    • i am more patient she is getting careless now, being predictable etc... that works in my favour as i am saying word for word what a top class manipulator would say before it comes out her mouth so he is coming round to it.

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