33 year old man says he would break up with his girlfriend with me but didn't?

ok I really need advice from you guys to see if I did the right thing or if I'm being paranoid or what. I met this guy a few months ago. When I met him I was a virgin. Im 19 and he's 33. Im not a virgin anymore I had sex with him the day I met him. I know that doesn't sound good at the time I really wanted to get it over with also I wanted to but I know it was wrong to do it so soon. Anyways so I met him and he asked me if I wanted to be exclusive with him I said yes and then I found out about this girl that was a friend of his. He was acting sketchy I knew something wasn't right so I basically dumped him and then like 2 days later he was dating that girl who was just a friend.

I ran into him a couple months later and he convinced me to be his friend. I agreed Cuz I wanted to be friends with the person I lost my v card too but after he told me he only started dating that girl because I wouldn't date him and blah blah and after a couple times hanging out we had sex again. He brings out the worst in me I used to be really innocent and told myself I'd never help someone cheat or lose my virginty to someone I didn't care about but I lost it I was dealing with a lot of crap and I though we were gonna end up together that's why I did it. He then told me he was gonna dump his gf but he hasn't seen her in a couple days he said he'd do it when he sees her. When he talks about his gf he is tears apart making fun of her. He said he didn't tell her about me Cuz I told him I didn't want him to tell anyone about us till we figured it out Cuz he was a lot older then me and my family is super judgmental along with my friends.

Anyways after he told me that and we had sex he didn't text me for three days and im always the one to text him first and when he texts me first it's always later in the day. He always wants to hangout late at night and he uses the excuse of his kid a reason why we can't Cuz I said I didn't wanna meet him right away At first but I th


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  • I am not buying that he only started dating that woman because you dumped him. You said he was acting sketchy about her from day one. I'm betting he has been dating her all along. Unfortunately, there are guys around my age who are proper wankers and use younger girls like you. It makes them feel great and young, except in reality it makes them nothing but pathetic.

    Cut all contact with this guy. He's definitely not someone you want in your life. Not even as an acquaintance.


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  • waiting for an update I presume?

    anyways sounds like he's all talk and no walk. he hit it and quit it basically.

    • We were dating at first but then I broke up with him Cuz I found out about the other girl. And he's still contacting me so im not a hit it and quit it. But he's defanitly using me for sex and ibis current gf I know from highschool and she's dumb so I know he's doing the same to her im just stupid.

    • "But he's defanitly using me for sex" that basically is hit it and quit it. quit it meaning he's not going to commit to you and only come back for more sex.

    • Oh okay lol

  • Why would you want to be with a man that you already know is unfaithful because he cheated on his girlfriend with you? Lmao

    • I don't. I asked if Should ignore him or do something else

    • At first I thought it was ok because I felt I had him first and he was gonna be with me anyways and even though that would be against everything I was about I honestly just wanted it to work out with the guy I lost my viginity too.

    • That makes sense. But honestly, the whole situation just sounds pretty shitty. Whether you ignore him or let him know that you're done it definitely sounds like the best thing for you to do is cut him off.

  • And he will lift you for another girl when he's done from you I think you did the biggest mistake in your life when you lost your v card with this man maybe later you will discover how bad was your decesion

    • Lift? How old were u when u lost ur virginity? Unless ur still with the girl or a virgin u have no right to judge me. I skipped the dating drama in highschool like everyone else I hardly dated and when I did the most I would allow myself to do is kiss a guy I never made out with one till I was almost 19. And I'm 19 now. I thought by skipping the dumb drama people face with relationships and dating and sex in highschool I wouldn't face any of it at all Cuz I was past the phase but I never even started. I was still really naive and I wanted to believe in the good in him Cuz I didn't think someone could do not that and not even have a consequence about it. I know what I did was stupid. I already said It will never happen again. Will I regret it? I already do. Do I think it was the worst mistake I ever made? No. It was a learning experience im now smarter because of it and I wanted to lose it even though it was probably for the wrong reasons I think I'll be ok.

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    • your absolutely right about the last point

    • I'm a man and I know what he's doing with you baby here's the truth. Tighter pussy at 19 years old most girl are positive and like to hangout enjoy the life all the time smile always lough most the time so its big deal for this man. But when age you will lose some fun and thats a pro for him also when you age your pussy will lose its tight no argue about this. So if you really want to spend your life with with this man and you think he's good person tell him to marry you let's see whats his answer I doubt if he will not shutdown his phone. So learn from your mistake and move on or keep doing wrong and waste time. Or ask him to marry you maybe be will do who know but 99% he will run.

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  • You need to stop. You are embarrassing yourself and letting this pig make a fool out of you.
    He's a lying, shady, sneaky pig. Dump him and move on.

    • so ignoring him is a good decision then?

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    • Girl. He's an asshole and you ignoring him is just passive aggressive like you're trying to punish him with your silence instead of having the balls to officially end things so he stays the f*ck out of your life.
      You ignoring him is just like you don't want to officially end things so you're playing a cat and mouse game

    • no this isn't cat and mouse im done for good. when I say that it means im done. even last time when I broke up with him I didn't even admit that to myself. like I said last time he didn't even reply. I think it gave him power knowing he had hurt me to the point where I said I was upset. it just want him to hurt a bit with the little bit of consequence he has if any at all. it will show I don't care about it anymore and I think if anyone will get to him that will be it. it makes it easier for me to move on aswell I already told him how I felt the first time. im not doing it again

  • he's only telling you what you want to hear so you'll have sex with him

  • You are his side piece.

  • You said it yourself. "He brings out the worst in you"

    The guy is bad news and is using you for sex and playing you like a fiddle.
    Drop his ass from your life.


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