How to get over someone you see everyday?

Same class. ex.


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  • Been there, lived that.
    We were both 14 when we met, same class in HS.
    It's hard, VERY Hard. I tried once to get over her, 2 years later, didn't succeed. She was still there, in class and in my head.

    I only got over her when we went to different colleges. There I finally looked at other girls. (I must say I looked at lot of girls then and they helped me to nearly forget her.)

    I met her again only 5 years ago. She has one daughter a yr younger than my son , another one a year older and she has 4 grandchildren now. (We're both happily married)
    I have her address, mail and phone: she lives 30 miles from here. I never went there, never contacted her. I see her once a year at a school reunion, and sometimes in the seaside town where we both own a vacation apartment. (pure hazard)
    Only yesterday I did see one of her daughters on television. I knew at once who she was, despite never meeting the daughter. (verified it on Facebook)

    Thus she isn't forgotten.
    Luckily, I'm no longer in love, I consider her a friend now. One of those old friends you meet twice a year.

    Good luck, take your distances, avoid her, but mainly: get seen with other girls!

    • OOPS!, edit: *Get seen with other guys* , of course.

    • Nice story.

    • Mainly an awful loss of time and experience at a moment I needed to get experience and needed to study.

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  • That's the hardest ones to get past are the ones you still see often. Just do everything you can to not pay them any attention and avoid contact of any sort ,

    • I will try but it hurts a lot.

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    • I will try.

    • I know you can do it , now you have to convince yourself of it

  • damn... i guess focus on the lessons, instead of focusing on him..:-./

  • You eventually get tired of seeing them and there you have it!

    • Its been a year and a half. Still not tired.

    • Been there done that. You will eventually if nothing because of it.

  • Act like they're not even there


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  • I can see how that's hardly. Luckily my ex is a sophomore and I'm a junior so I have no classes with him. As for you my best advice would be to act like he doesn't exist, or act like he's invisible. When I'm walking to class I always run into my ex every now and then but I just act like he doesn't exist when I'm walking I walk right pass him like I don't see him. I know it might be hard right now but it gets easier I promise. Just act like you don't see him. Don't speak to him don't say anything just do you and be you. I can see how that is frustrating and hard. Just try please, all you have to do is try.

    • Too late.

    • Act like he's invisible to you, it took a while for it to work for me but it worked. Act like he doesn't exist, ignore him.

    • No I am referring to something else.

  • Don't talk to him, chill with another classmate.


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