Why does my ex not tell me about his new girlfriend?

At first I thought he was just being polite by not bringing her up. Which is what I would have done and quite frankly I appreciated it.

But now he has decided to tell me of two events in his life that I KNOW about already, I DID NOT go fishing for this information, but he replaced her role in these events with his brother.

Now I know he is making sure I don't know he is with someone new...

If it didn't p*ss me off so much that he out right lied to me I'd think it was funny.

Is this just pity, should I let him know I know just to get it off his back? I hate pity.

Or does he think there is still a possibility we could get back together?

Or is he trying to just have me as a bit on the side when things go badly between him and her?

Or does he just feel she is not important enough to him yet that he just doesn't feel it necessary to hurt me over it?

Why is he doing this?

Also, he was the one that got back in contact with me after a month and half of NC, when I first found out about this girl I stopped trying to talk to him.


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