Any words of wisdom for a girl going through a break up?

My boyfriend broke up with me earlier and im feeling really down, I know im not the only one, does anyone have any words of wisdom? x


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  • Dating is like auditioning performers for the leading role in a play that you've written. You want it to be perfect. You thought you had found the actor to play the leading man, but now you know he really wasn't the one and you're going to find someone even better. You only need one actor for the role and when you find the right one. . . man, is it going to sizzle!

    • I love it! x

    • I'm glad that I could bring you some cheer. All the bad experiences make you smarter and better and you'll look back and realize that it failed because you weren't right for each other. There are at least 100 guys within 5 miles who would love to meet you. . . and now you're available.

  • Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss!

  • sure... try not 2 thinlk about yer break-up... otherwise u\ll drive yerself crazy basically...


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