Why is my ex making it so hard to get my stuff back?

I recently ended a relationship with a girl while I was in icu due to a motorcycle accident. Once I was released from the hospital I tried to call her text email and Facebook her about me getting my stuff from her house (600) worth of stuff and returning her stuff to her. She has blocked my number and Facebook message after reading it. I tried for a week to make contact with her about my things being returned to
Me and getting her things. I made one last attempt to contact her before I called a lawyer to help me get my stuff. Her boss called me telling me I wasn't getting my stuff and that I was harrassing her I have not made anymore attempts in days to contact her since I am getting a lawyer to write a L. o. d. . Can she file harassment charges againt me or anything like that when the only thing I have asked for is my stuff back and to return hers? I am also no longer trying to talk to her anymore. Why won't she return my things? Her ex did the same thing to her and Her other ex let her borrow a washer and drier which they have asked for back and she refuses to return.


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  • Sounds like she makes a habit of bad behavior. Even if she does try to file a harassment suit against you I don't think it will go far. Make sure to try and do everything in writing so that the judge can see how good you're being and just asking for your things.


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  • First off, I hope you are on the mend and feel better. Be careful out there! :-)

    However, this girl is bitter, immature and sounds a bit crazy. You did the right thing breaking up with her, and it's unfortunate she has to act like a child instead of an adult.

    I broke up with my fiance and she was very similar in not giving me back some very personal items. In the end, I chalked it up as a loss worth moving on from since the relationship with her had me so miserable.

    Her boss is a fucking dildo and nothing you are doing is remotely close to harassing her, unless you've threatened her, and he has no business telling you that.

    If you think it's worth getting a lawyer, then let him/her handle it from there, so if her boss feels like being a dick, he can talk to them. Otherwise, just be thankful you're no longer with this nut case, and assume your losses are payment for getting out of a bad relationship.

    Beyond that, stay safe and I hope you recover fully from your accident.


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  • probably memos from your past that she is unwilling to give up.


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  • Regardless of outcome, it sounds like a "win" to not be in that relationship anymore. Remember that, and good luck!


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