Recently broken up with my boyfriend and?

I've recently broken up with my boyfriend (about a month now) and I've been trying to talk to other guys and put myself out there but I keep attracting the wrong guys. I think their nice but they end up being complete jerks and treat me like crap. I'm a really nice and trustworthy person.. So how do I find someone else like that? And why do most guys only want sex like I want friendship and possible occasional sex if I'm feelin it. Help?


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  • Well it's not going to happen overnight, especially with the amount of turds roaming around out there.

    I made an effort in this dating stuff for a couple of years when I was a little younger, got exhausted and stopped, and am still by myself. And this is like a 5-6 year period I'm talking about lol


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  • Well I dont talk about sex or something like that even I am in search of someone whom I can care about give her love and care :)


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