How can I forget my ex? Ex situation any help any advice?

how can i forget my ex , i mean i dont even know if i want to him and i went out for 3 years started of with friends with benefits for about 2/3 months when i was 16 and him being 19 . Now i just turn 20 and he just turn 23 we even have the same month haha anyways things werent going good , would argue and also the same routine got to us and was getting boring , he broke up with me through text which kind of broke me a bit , after a month he text me up to now he the one that text me sometimes we can last up to 4 days straight txtn , he told me he miss me. We been seperated for 3 months now , he told me if he can come over i said yes now this week we plan to see us but lately he been txtn with short words , but i asked if he really wanted to come he said yeah if i let him , now how should i act when i see him I don't know about him but im nervous to see him.


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  • Well first you need to decide if you truly want him back in your life. After you decide that then move on to if you should see him. If you choose to move on then I suggest get involved with some activity or local group that shares your passion for that subject and go join. You could also go out with friends and have a good time, stuff like that

  • Hmmm... sounds like he's lonely to me.

    Just act natural when you see him. And if you tell him you just want to be friends, his reaction will tell you everything you need to know.


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