My ex told me this song reminds him of me?

We broke up in Feb this year and started talking again tonight literally via Facebook. These are the lyrics. Umm.. how should I feel about this? Do you think this song is sexual?

I've been thinking bout ya

Are you thinking bout me?

I know I went crazy

But you were wrong

I apologize, I'll let it go tonight

Forgive me and I'll forgive you


Cause what you gon' do

When I put that pretty thing on you

I usually don't do this

But I'll do it for you


Oh, baby cause...

Missing you is way too hard to do

I'd rather be fucking you

Do you mind if I give you love

Cause I just wanna give you love

Won't you tell me if I'm doing too much

Missing you is way too hard to do

Lately I've been in my feelings

Dealing with the daily thoughts of missing you

I ain't dialing but my body's calling for ya

Breaking down...

Gotta give it to you




Don't get along all the time

Just want your body on mine

And you can call it what you wanna

But I'm a call you when I want it

Fishnets and trench coats

Underneath, it's a bomb

American's most wanted

Errrbody upon on it


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah I think he has been you and what you did together. Comes back to how you feel about breakup and how it happened?

  • He just wants sex...


What Girls Said 2

  • It sounds like he's reminiscing when you guys boinked

  • This guy is straight up asshole


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