My ex has contacted me again?

My ex had contacted me before this, but I felt it wasn't something to reply to.

But anyway, this morning she sent me another text saying "Hey... how are you?"

What shall I do?


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  • So in an ideal world, what is it that you want? Do you want to get back with her, do you want to be friends, do you not want to have her in your life anymore in any shape or form? My answer to your question greatly depends on your answer to my question.

    • Obviously I want her back.

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    • I don't know the content of said message but unless it was abusive or she absolutely had to tell you/inform you of something, I'd say that pretty much every message someone sends is sent with the intention of reaching out to someone.

    • Well there was definitely no abuse lol... she was hoping I was ok, enjoying the sun and my University. She also told me she had transferred money to me... but I told her I didn't want it before, so I don't know why she gave it?

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  • Just move on already; and just because your ex just wants to keep in touch with you, doesn't necessarily mean anything.


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  • #1: don't get your hopes up.
    #2: Just act cool and have a casual conversation. With her.
    #3 don't assume she wants you back.
    #4 don't chase her or initiate contact.
    #5 ask her what she wants.

  • Ignore her if you are trying to move on.

    • I'm blatantly not trying to.

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