Girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me. What to do?

She dumped me two days ago. And since then I've found out she cheated on my twice, she even got into a realtionship with another guy. She said she kissed. I have heard from a friend who has many common friends with her that she also sent nudes. She has been lying to me for so long, and I belived her. What should I do? I have nothing to live for anymore, everything i belived in is a lie. I have no friends that I can get support from. I am all alone, I've tried suicide but obv failed with that.
Thank you for your answers. I have been looking around on the Internet, and I should have ended this over a year ago to be honest. Ill try to be strong and dont do anything stupid. Thank you again


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  • it just means that she's not worth of your time and love. If you are capable to devote yourself honestly like that, any girl would be so proud to have you. Go hang with your friends and eventually you'll find new friends and next love. I know its painful, been cheated too, and the toll that it took away from me was great. But I learned to move on and right now, I am doing good in school. Although I find it hard to trust someone, and I guess I have some trust issues myself, I am now confident that I can overcome this huge turmoil and realized how lucky I was for facing that huge devastating event in my life. Goodluck to you and god bless.


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  • Suicide isn't a good option. nobody is worth getting that fucked up over dude.2 years together sounds like 2 years too long. there had to be things that tipped you off before that she wasn't that into you babe. be glad it happened and explore who you are and what you wanna do with your life.:)

  • Cut off all contact with her so you can fully move on. Do you have any family that can support you through this?
    Nobody is worth killing yourself over. Things will get better, just give it a chance.

  • you deserve better than that... don't even think about suicide


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