Could you leave a guy you truley love?

Snuck around for almost two years. Got cussed out on the regular by her mom because she was constantly lying. We made plans to move out was really excited talked about it a lot. Her mom was going to disown her and drop his college funds. Long distance became a problem. She got passive aggressive saying every th ing is fine then lash out and complain I don't care or show her I love her. Things got messy. She ended up breaking it off last minute. Called me back next day begging for me back. Then went back and fourth with her saying there's too much damage done I can't talk to you if I want to move on. I mean I can really understand that was tough for her. but I don't know if it was me or just the situation.. this girls love for me was crazy.
  • She really did love you but her family overruled
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  • Love makes you do crazy things.
    I've felt exactly like she does, for a lot of the similar reasons. For some reason, I always felt more inclined to break things off the less affectionate I felt he became. It's a complete rollercoaster of emotions though.. in the moment, you're so pissed with him and just want him gone. As soon as the reality that you're over hits you though, you'd do anything possible to get him back.
    I haven't managed to follow through with those thoughts yet haha.

    In the case of your girl, I'm sure she does still care for you just the same. Sounds like she was just struggling to keep all her emotions in check.

    • She cut contact completley though

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    • I just hate what it said on the letter. It's bad timing. school and work I'm busy. Sounds like a cop out. But even when I broke up with her in the past and she was hysterical she said bad timing then too.

    • yeah still sounds situational. She had to realize she's not the only thing that's important in your life is the harsh reality of it. I say that having been in her position lol. So yeah, she should've learned to be less co-dependent on you.
      If you want proper 'closure' still you can text her or contact her in some way and tell her that she was/is important to you. That you wish you could've spent more time with her and done those things still but you just had to focus on things from the police academy.

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  • I didn't vote your poll because there are so many reasons and everyone's upbringing is different, but nothing can stand in the way of me being with someone if I was in love.

  • I think its just the stress of everything in her life. She probably still really loves you, but her family is probably pressuring her to "do the right thing" in the mothers eyes, which is probably to break up with you.


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