Should I break off my 3 year relationship?

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years now we have broken up 3 times and Were engaged twice... We have a lot more bad then good in our relationship since we've been together. I recently moved and he had to stay behind and one of the times we broke up was after i moved we both had another partner that didn't work then we got back together and he moved to the same place i am. He really seemed like he changed but its always the same pattern we r ok for a while then really bad for a while. He always promises he will change n stop doing the stuff that bothers me but the thing is he has to say that at least once a day. We argue at least once a day and lately his smart mouth has just been hurtful more then smart... For example wheb i say things like i can't keep argueing he says "make a move then" and things like "what one women won't do another will". I told him how i feel like i miss being single and there's no spark anymore and he said its up to me if i wanna break up that he doesn't like how i feel but he's not gonna leave... I feel SO torn on one hand i want to stay no matter how heart broken i am and try to work things out on the other hand i miss being stress free and talking to people.. i know that if it were someone else they would leave but for some reason i can't... I really could use some advice to figure out if i should give it a 100th try or if i should stop the heartache for both of us. And if i should go why can't i get the courage to end it? I know im far from perfect and i have no prob admitting that but ud have to be here to see he starts 90% of the problems.. Im scared of ending it and regretting it later cause i know this is the last time if i leave.. Thanks for any help


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  • Your situation does not sound stable. I would end the relationship and start fresh with someone new.

    • I know i probably should but i can't get the guts to... Its pretty hard because i have been with him for 3 years and he is my first boyfriend (in person) ao i guess that makes it tough aswell.

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    • I understand. I have a 3.5 year relationship myself. It'd be very difficult to leave. But you have to logic yourself out of it with your head and not listen to your emotions lol

    • True.. I just dont want to regret it later

  • You two will never get along. It's best to move on. What zodiac signs are both of you?

    • Im scorpio he's pieces.. How do i get the courage to let go.. I also HATE hurting hime

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    • Yeah i guess so :/ just dont want to regret it later..

    • Regret nothing. You two are not compatible.

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