My ex boyfriend is talking about me, what should I do and why is he doing it?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months in early March. Shortly after the break up, I started talking to my guy friends more (he didn't like me talking to certain guys that I used to be fairly close to so after the breakup I figured why not). On a 3 hour bus trip to a competition last weekend I sat by one of my friends (we'll call him Dave) that happens to be a huge flirt. I'm a pretty big flirt too but I didn't think anything of it. I ended up falling asleep on Dave on the bus ride home and when we got back into town he gave me a ride to my house. Apparently during the entire weekend my ex boyfriend had been texting a friend of his about how I was probably cheating on him with Dave and sleeping around and was nothing but a lying, cheating, backstabbing bitch. He went on to say much more colorful statements as well. When I confronted him about it he completely denied the entire thing (the friend let me read the texts he sent) but then apologized to my mother for it and wrote it off with some lame excuse. I'm just really confused. I understand that he might be hurt but how can he go from saying he loves me to calling me a slut and a bitch? Up until now my ex boyfriend has essentially been stalking me as well and it wasn't until yesterday (when I found out about the messages) that he's left me alone. Should I just let it go or make him own up to sending the messages?


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  • People who are hurt do things they normally would not do. You leaving him bruised his ego, and it's hardly ever pleasant to know that your ex gets on with their life. You spend a lot of time with other guys now, and even though it is harmless, it is poison to your ex-boyfriend's ego. So he makes up bad things about you in order to make himself feel better.

    If I were you I'd probably let it go for now. By apologising to your mother he sort of already owned up to the messages. Maybe it was a lesson for him and he won't do it again. So for now, I'd let it go. BUT if he does something like that again I'd consider further steps.


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