Who normally breaks the "No Contact Rule"?

So who normally is expected to break the no contact rule?
Boy/ Girl? Dumper/Dumpee? The one who was angry/ or the other party?

See this mind baffling thing happened to me
I broke up with someone, not actually sure it not considered a breakup if we weren't officially dating. "but we were recognized as a couple"

The mind baffling thing was it's been almost a year since I dumped him and I overheard his friend, talking about me
it went a little like this

His friend: Well she was mad at him about "something" that was a while ago, I mean she should be over it by now. I'm not sure why she hasn't contacted him yet

Stranger "Mutual Party" = She probably won't talk to him until he talks to her

His Friend: I Don't know I think she's just f**ki with his head

Baffling: Haven't talked to him or even attempted in almost a year "So how am I messing with his head"

I left because some of his friends were really disrespectful so having someone sit next to me and question my authenticity "insult to injury"

When I left I was pretty clear: That I didn't appreciate the negative attention, rumors or disrespect and quite frankly there was no reason for our names to be in the same sentence
Pretty clear that everything we had is now out the window and that I don't tolerate that behavior I mean we're in college "Seriously "

Now you expect me to talk to him... Although he never reached out to me, apologized or anything of such sort but he misses you, so get over it.. O_O

Is it because I was the Dumper? Because I've been reading a lot that people expect the dumper to come back

+1 y
I requested to feature this question for fun to see what other people say.. Just generally

But for anyone who reads this later. And/or responds to my personal background story

So I don't have to re explain myself
Before I dumped him, I tried to talk about it several times but he kept just ignoring my attempts

I really just want to hear, who normally is expected to...
Who normally breaks the "No Contact Rule"?
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