Have you ever been broken up with or broken up with someone in a technological way?

These ways can include:

- By voicemail
- By email
- By phone call/text
- By changing your Facebook status back to single
- By writing on your/their Facebook wall
- By tweet/Instagram

Also, any other way you've been broken up with or broken up with someone that includes technology counts. By the way, I'm just asking this because I'm curious as to how common these types of break ups happen.


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  • Yeah the second time my exwife left me. She did it by phone. I was like wtf, really you couldnt wait an hr before I got home. Lol. But any way the 2 of us had barely got back together and we were still living across town from each other.
    Her loss.


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  • I've done that yep

  • Yeah my ex boyfriend did. However, I really wish he had done it in person.(broke up with me through Facebook text)


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