Should I break up or wait longer please help?

Me and this guy were dating for a month and a half and now he's my boyfriend , at first he was so close and we spent most of the time togather.. then he became cold and distant " doesn't wanna talk much " and this is in just half month ! Our relationship is new but he seems less excited about it
Am like ; girly , sweet , calm , undrestanding , smart and romantic
He's like ; too manly , low tolerance , slightly arrogant , charming , smart and romantic
We finish each other sentences ! We r so comfortable with each other and trust one another..
When i get mad over something , he tells me " i dont want to fight so take time and talk to me when you cool down " when he gets mad i try to fix it in the moment in a calm funny way but he refuses to so i give him time but then i just ignore it and we move on..
But last time we had an argument " kinda biggy " and he was so pissed off and i didn't give him time to calm down first but i tried to fix it in a friendly manner and ended it with " lets not make a big deal out of this.. i love you " ..
Then he went silent for 2 days and when i contacted him i pushed a button when i said " are you doing this to break up " which made him go mad again and told me something mean " u keep talking and talking am just pissed of talking to you " !
So i got quiet.. and waited him to calm down and contact me again but he didn't and 8 days passed in complete silence !
I still love him.. but he should respect me more and i dont know what to do
Should i break up with him? Or just wait longer? And how much longer exactly?
And how to react when he contacts me again?

P. s right now i feel pain and week and trying to hold my self and not talk to him
.. is it bad to contact him first?
Did he lost interest?


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  • You said I love you after a month and a half?

    Your having fights like this after a month and a half?

    You haven't talked in over a week?

    You 2 seriously don't belong together, this isn't compatible behavior. And it seems like he's already moved on.

    • He said he loves me after a month and a half of constant but I've known him for 5 years .. he said the L word first.. the " i love you " i said to calm him after the argument we had..
      we are in a serious relationship where he already considers my as his future wife..
      We have communication issues though
      And he gets mean sometimes
      Do you really think he already moved on?

    • These kind of communication issues is not marriage material?

      I think it's a lie for someone to say your wife material and then ignore you for days. He does not love you, it was a line or infatuation.

      I think yiu should be questioning your taste in men when you are so obsessed with this guy that doesn't treat you right. He is who he is, he won't change.

      Instead of asking about his wants you should be asking why you don't think you deserve better?

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