Guys, my ex told me leave him alone and he wished I'd go to talk someone else?

Me and my ex boyfriend have been dating for 3 years ! We have broke up 3 months ago and it taking a toll on me. Because it's so hard to move on. I broke up with him because he doesn't do anything for me and he never wants to do what I like he always try's to drag me with his guy friends But everything really started because I was broke down on the high way and he wouldn't come get me so I had to find someone to pick me up from I was 5 mins away from his home. This was around feb so Valentine's Day came and we got each other a gift and everything went well the next day his sister called me saying he took a Valentine's day to another girl house as well I was so hurt I called him and he hung up in my face ! I ask him was he talking to anybody he kept saying no and he was crying on the phone to me he has a BESTFRIEND and I feel he always putting bad things in his head so he continued to mess with all kinds of girl but would still come to my house buy me things stay over have sex with me I thought we were getting back on good terms he would contact my family and everything ! So everyone kept telling me to leave him alone but it was so hard and I know I'm so stupid for it ! And still messing around with him ! So my friend called me asking me do I still talk to him I said yes and it is know April she said he made hotel plans with her friend and when I asked him he still lied i was so hurt. It's like everytime I look at him I get sad or I feel disgusted because I would never do anything to him like that he kept saying I kept breaking up with him it was because he kept treating me like shit so yesterday that girl called me and said she was talking to him and me and her got into a argument and he told me I will never be happy until I leave him alone? What does that supposed to mean ! And keep telling people I won't leave him alone and he ignores me and he said he is not hurting im only hurting myself because he is single and told me go talk to someone else and leave him aln


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  • Look.. First off I am so sorry.. Second.. This literally happened to me yesterday.. She didn't cheat.. And I can only imagine how that must make you feel but me and my girl were together for 2 years and engaged.. I'm sorry to tell you that he doesn't care anymore.. I'm having trouble accepting this myself.. Like I try to think she loves me.. But honestly he doesn't. You have to move on, he already has.. I'm so sorry


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  • He sounds like an ass... I would just move on and find someone better. Someone who won't give Valentine's gifts to another girl. Lying to you, acting like a complete jerk... He's no good and usually people like this don't change.

    • Do you think he would realize in the long run that what he is doing is wrong? Yes we are single but he still acts like we are together and he treat me like crap and than he ignores me and tell me to go talk to someone else and leave him alone

    • He could, if he decides to change. If he's just a jerk and stays that way he may never really feel bad or accept that he's wrong. But if he decides to grow up he could look back and feel like an asshole for the way he treated you. The best thing you can do in these situations is move on and show him how happy you are without him. :) Find a good guy and forget that loser!

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  • He try to drag you to his guy friends!! What more you want from this guy sounds like sick guy leave this shit


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  • Leave the dude alone, it's over. Your relationship has ended and will never be again. The sooner you stop dwelling on all this stuff the sooner you can move on.

    Delete his number
    Unfriend him on social media
    Delete all correspondence with him
    Take down photos of you Have them up
    Stop Calling Him!

    Or whatever else you are doing, just stop. He isn't yours and he doesn't want you in his life. Just leave him alone.

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