My ex boyfriend that im still crazy about is dating my ex bestfriend?

So I've been dating this guy on and off until we finally broke up for good. We still talked all the time 24/7 and he still told me he loved me. We did everything the a gf and bf would do minus the sex and kisses I even hung out at his place a couple times we cuddled and just hung out. At the time I've been having a rough time with a few things and haven't been able to hang out or text him as much. Come to find out my now ex bestfriend and him have been hanging out and now have feelings for one another from her and they are now dating. I feel betrayed and hurt she knew how I felt about him. He hasn't said anything before it happened and hasn't respond to any text. How should I handle the situation?


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  • Find a new boyfriend, find a new best friend.

    Why did you "break up" but continue to spend so much time together? If you hadn't done that, don't you think you would be closer to really getting over this fiasco? There's a lesson for you to learn here. Do you see what it is?


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  • screw them both you don't need either of them.


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