I know my friends being abused by her boyfriend. What can I do to help?

There are several signs she is being abused and I know she somehow always gets into messy relationships. This guy she is seeing we don't know who he is. She refers to him as B and doesn't give us a full name because they keep their relationship private. She shows us some pictures of them but never shows his face. Our group of girls noticed she became distant and if she comes over to spend the night she disappears and doesn't tell us where she's been just says she's been with B. When she wore shorts I noticed a lot of bruising on her legs. We went swimming and there was a huge bruise on her hip and back. She recently sprained her knee and drove to my house for help. It was bruised up and swollen. I keep asking her what happened and she just says "Oh I fell..." Or "We were just play fighting." I've told her she needs to leave him because it doesn't seem like play fighting. And she gets silent. Then earlier today she came without her knee brace and I asked where it was because her knee still looked like shit. She said "He doesn't like it on..." And looked like she was crying all night. I don't know what I can do to help if she's being so secretive about her life. It makes me sick he's doing this to her and frustrates me more she can't walk away. I know she's a strong willed girl at heart but ever since this guy proposed to her and then left her a few years back she hasn't been the same.


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  • I think you should speak to a domestic violence hotline on behalf of her or something. It seems like you're friend isn't going to be disillusioned any time soon.


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  • Start takinh pics of the bruises and show the police. Im so sorry ur goin through this it must be horrible having to see your friend being treated like that and i can't even imagine what its like for her all i know is im keeping u guys in my prayers

    • I was considering that but what will happen after? I dont know who the guy is or what he looks like. I just know he is very tall and his race is black/some type of white.

    • U can tell the police all u know and they can go for a visit to her house cause she can't really deny the police aspecially if theyre together a lot then the cops will have a easy time getting him or she can contact one of the hotlines for domestic abuse my aunt did that but believe me cops have a creepy talent for knowing who people are

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  • Have adult protection services look into it. They'll start the investigation process and interview her. Hopefully she gets away from creep.


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