I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend and I'm willing to wait for her should I?

Ok I Neva don't this before but I'm very confused and lost my girl friend of 2 years and 8 months broke up with me a month ago I tried everything in my power to get her back well not everything cuz I still talk to her and I know I'm not giving her time to miss me I feel like it's to late to do the nc because then I'll lose her forever she just keep telling me that she don't want to be with anybody she wants to be lonely for the rest of her life then she tells me she wants to focus on her career initially when we broke up she said that I'm not the same person she fell in love with because before I was driven and now my life revolved around her and how I was gonna make her happy but she felt guilty because she would cry and I would stay this is a big factor because I'm leaving to fl now and she tell me that she don't know how she's gonna deal with that in heart I feel like she broke up with me because she want me to better myself and go after my dreams but when I told her I was and I was gonna change she still said she doesn't want to be with me but I really want her back not because I'm trying to be selfish but because I feel like she everything I dreamed for in a girl can so one help and give me advice on their opinion and if I should wait and give her time she worth it that's why I wait


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  • You should start the NC know. I know it hurts I feel tge same since my ex broke up with me recently. It's the best for the both of you you bith need same space. The NC will give her time to miss you and see what her life is like without you in it. And you can use that time to do some things and try to move on a bit.

  • Your actions now are proving her point though, you see that? Your life is still revolving around her and you aren't even together.

    Stop contacting her if you want any chance at all to get her back. Get your life back on track with interests and hobbies, and give her space and time.

    It will be hard but staying in touch with her will only cement the breakup at this point. Look long term; if you leave her be she may come back. At the least, leaving her alone gives your heart a chance to heal. You are beating your head against a wall and will achieve nothing this way.

    • Thanks for the advice I'm starting to notice that yesterday was my day one of no contact and it hurts like hell but I guess it's something I have to do

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