What does it mean when ex (the dumper) is not contacting you?

Long relationship, long story, he just said he doesn't feel the same anymore and that I did nothing wrong. He said he wants to stay friends and we've been friends for a month since the breakup. Now he stopped initiating the contact (for about 2 weeks we didn't talk). He didn't found anyone else he is playing video games all day.


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  • It means that you are not in a relationship any more. That's pretty standard. When people break up and say they 'still want to be friends', they don't mean talk every day and hang out and act like you would with a 'regular' friend. It means slowly drift apart amicably instead of ending it with a big fight, and act civil with one another if we randomly encounter each other at a party or in a store or something.

    If it doesn't work that way, it just ends up hurting the person that still has 'feelings' a lot more in the long run. This can help them get over it, by helping them give up on the 'glimmer of hope' that a lot of people cling to, as it really delays the healing process and makes it hard to get over a person.

    • What if he eventually writes me again, like asks me what I'm doing or if I wanna go out for a movie? What the hell would that mean? Why would anyone who broke off still want to do stuff that two of them did together?

    • Well, that is often the case of a guy wanting to keep a girl interested in him in his back pocket. A girl that he figures he could get to put out without too much effort if he really felt the need. To keep that kind of thing he has to string her along a little bit, he will actively want to keep that 'glimmer of hope' alive in her, and NOT let it go out. It will fuck up her ability to move on and find a new guy, and keep her hoping that something can maybe work out again later, and so if he feels really horny or really lonely he can tap into that for a while until he feels better. Then go back on his merry way again.

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  • It's his choice and business as you're not his girlfriend anymore. Maybe he met someone new or is not interested in being casual friends with his ex. I think people say let's stay friends but it doesn't always work out well.


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  • he doesn't want you and wants you to stay away.

  • He's likely having a hard time. 2 weeks is nothing though. My ex contacted me after 2 weeks though


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