Please! I need advice about getting him back?

I miss my ex boyfriend and I am sad like everyday...we broke up four days ago and it's driving me crazy. We were dating for almost three months.

He ended it with me because he was too busy and couldn't see me like I wanted him too. And he said he didn't want to hold me up, but he wasn't, I want to be with...

so I text him the next morning telling him I want to be together, but he didn't reply, the next day I text him saying how much I miss him and love him and want to be together...he didn't answer, so I called him the day after that, he answered me, I ask him what was his answer and he told me he didn't know...that right now, me and him wasn't working, I told him that I love him and he said he loved me too and that he want's to be with me, but he just can't because he doesn't want to keep me hold up because he can't give me the attention I need, he wants to give me someone who can, but I want him and no one else, but he said he made his decision.

I asked him if we'll ever be more then friend's he said I don't know, I asked if I was going to be the girl he think of when he does find time for a relationship, he said he didn't know, we told each we'll always be here for each other

after we hung up, 2o minutes later I was kind of angry at the situation ( I told him that) and wanted to tell him how I feel that I couldn't get out on the phone so i, I text him and told him that I love him, and I like that fact that I do, and his decision was dumb, because it could be fix it, and that miss him and I hope he missed me too and I am scared to what he would say to me by me texting him that and that I don't want to sound like I'm begging, I was just being honest with him because that's what we based our relationship off of. He didn't reply to hurting a lot, I just want to cry, but I'm trying to be strong, so I haven't talk to him in 2 days, your suppose to give guy's space, right? I want him back, but I don't know what to do...

i really need advice and please don't answer if all you going to do is tell me to move on, my motto is never give up on the one you love, I am in love with him (I didn't tell him this, because I am scared too).
Please! I need advice about getting him back?
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