Should I take her back for cheating?

My girlfriend has admitted to me that she has cheated on me. She said to me "I have to admit to you that i have had sex with my ex boyfriend since we were together (it was a month ago and never happend again.) i take full responsibility for this, it did not have to do with whatever you did or how you treated me. I would understand if you would never like to see me again. You deserve someone who does not do what i just did. But i would like another chance if possible." The reson why is did this is because i am a virgin who wants to wait till i'm ready (i know that it is weird that i am a guy waiting.) but she had a lot of experience before me and was overcome by urges. Should i take her back. I told her i need time to decide.
Give her another chance.
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+1 y
I decided to forgive her. But not take her back. I told her i hoped she found happyness with someone else.
Should I take her back for cheating?
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