Have you broken up with someone because you like them a lot and would rather break up now instead of risk losing them later when you like them more?

Basically, my boyfriend is afraid it won't work out. He said he cares about me a lot, asked me where I see this relationship going, and says he isn't used to feeling this way - he is afraid if he never talked to me he would miss me too much and it would make him really sad, but he's used to being "independent" and "not needing someone." He's afraid if we stay together eventually we could break up in the future and it will hurt more so he would rather just break up now before it gets even harder! So like, he wants to dump me because he likes me too much? I'm so confused! Does anyone have any insight for me please?


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  • no not really something I have done to be honest , I have had girls break up with me for unexplained reasons but doubt this would explain why


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  • It isn't something I would do

    • He cherish your relationship and doesn't want to jeopardize that so he rather end the relationship on good terms then something happening down the road and ending it completely

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