Guys, in a predicament with my ex?

He says he still cares for me and has his moments when he really misses me. Tomorrow will be a week since we broke up. Honestly just think he was having a hard time with the distance. But he's the type of guy that is really good at hiding his feelings and will try to pushme away because he thinks id be happier. But since i know he still cares just doesn't wanna be with me right now, i told him that i miss him and it is hard without him and he said i know. Anyways tonight one of my good good guy friends asked me to go to the movies with him. I think if i go it could possible make my ex jealous and realize he really doesn't wanna be without me, that he wants me. What do y'all think i should do? Im defiantly not capable of moving on from my ex.


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  • Sounds like he's got you wrapped around his little finger, honestly he's manipulating you, he wants you to believe whatever he tells you, then get you back and be the same again, I hope this helped.

    • We lost our virginity together. And he still texts me from time to time and i know he cares. So do you think if i hung out with another guy it would make him territorial? I just wanna know how to get him back... I've got to the point were i feel like if i don't text him for a while then start hanging out with a guy he will come running back, i hope. But if he does then i will be hard to get?

    • if your so into him just ask, can we get back together? don't play any games

  • You want to mislead another guy and waste his time so you can make your ex jealous? No, of course I don't recommend doing that. Don't ever go on a date with someone you're not interested in.

    • Then how do i get my ex to see that he doesn't want me with another guy that he wants to be with me

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