Try to hitch him or ditch him?

Long story short, I had sex with this guy and I clearly knew he only wants me for sex however he is telling me he wants to be friends and go out and have fun without just doin' it all the time.

He tells me everything I want to hear, but my common sense keeps giving me that reality check.

Now I know he has been ignoring me and only talking to me when he wants something...

Today, he had the audacity to lie straight to my face and say he texted me twice this week but I didn't answer him. I got so mad and called his bluff saying that there was no way in hell he sent me a text unless extra terrestrial life intercepted my cell phone correspondence for whatever reason they may want with that. He said that sounded like a stupid thing to say. I told him that is how stupid he sounds when trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

He is moving pretty far away in a few months and he wants to 'hang out' a few times before he leaves. For some unknown reason, I like this guy a lot. When we do have meaningful conversations, he is sincere and I just have a place for him in this heart of mine. I want for us to at least be friends and keep in touch after he moves. He said I should move with him but I believe this f***ing idiot is trying to bring 3 other girls with him. He jokes around way too much so I can never believe him when he tells me he doesn't have a girlfriend. He is honest with me though when he says he dates around and sleeps with 3 (there is that magic number again) of his good friends.

I don't want to give up on him but I don't want to lose my dignity and self-respect in the long run.

He is the most mysterious (eh, dishonest), gorgeous, and confusing guy I have ever met. I am dying to figure him out. I do know though that he is insecure and somewhat a lonely person. He is also not completely over his ex of 6 years who cheated on him , dumped him, then started stalking and harassing him. He talks about her a lot. I feel like he is just so afraid of commitment and being hurt again, which I completely understand because I clam up when the time to commit arises.

He must either be a very good con artist dealing with my emotions or he is just as confused as I am. (I do admit, I have him quite confused as to what I want with him and I tend to play mind games when I feel insecure- such as when I am with him)

Ok so, keep him or let him go?
Try to hitch him or ditch him?
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