If you and your ex broke up, would you want anything that you got him/her back?

The only thing I really want back from my ex-boyfriend is a part of a broken heart that said "you are always in my heart" on it and now that we are broken up, I don't see why we should both have ours. I paid for it for his birthday; however, I don't believe he loves me anymore.
Also, would it mean anything if he doesn't ask me if I want it back after a break up and if he doesn't want anything he gave me back when I asked him if he wanted anything returned? I have anything that he got me locked away and I considered selling or donating them, too painful for me to even look at sometimes.


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  • I'd only want things that belonged to me that they might have had in their possession like if I loaned them a jacket one day or something. But no if I got them something that was to be theirs it is still theirs even after we break up.

    • He gave me a few items that were his though. He got me a dragon that he always loved

    • You should probably get the items that you only loaned him and give him back the items that he loaned you. Have a friend with you when you do it though.

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  • I would if they had my hoodie or like if I gave them a family heirloom but anything else I gave them is now theirs. I wouldn't have given it to them if I couldn't live without it and if they asked me I for something back id probably think it was rude so I won't do it either.


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  • I want nothing back from my ex girlfriends
    once i broke up there is nothing in my heart
    for them i lived to learn a ex is ex for a reason :D

    • There is always a reason for a break up
      the first ex gf broke off our engagement
      the second one caught her in act of about
      to break up with me so there you go :)

  • I want my sweater back,. She took it when she was over. It was a really nice dickies sweater


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