Should I be "mean" to help him get over me?

We dated for about a month in January, but we've still been talking. He said he needed time to "grow up" I told him when he broke up with me that I probably wouldn't want to get back together.
but He asked me out again a few days ago and I told him I didn't know.
He's since deleted me from facebook, deleted my number, and is venting with my best friend. I told him that it's okay if he is mad at me, but he needs to leave her out of it (along with the coworkers he's been gossiping with)
He said "stop talking to me"
I said "fine" and that was it.

But I saw him crying today in work. I feel bad for him, we really were good friends. he was actually my first boyfriend. I'd love to be friends again but I don't want him thinking we will go out again.
I feel miserable for hurting him but I want him to move on.

what approach do I take?
bitchy to make myself the bad guy
or friendly but misleading


Most Helpful Guy

  • You need to be clear and honest, like you seem to be doing.

    It's to your credit that you feel empathy for a person in pain, but you can do nothing about it. Besides, he isn't being as mature as he could be.


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  • Be straightforward, don't sugarcoat things


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