Why can't I get over him? Why so I still like him??

so I have hung out with this guy for almost a year. We were just some type of friend for about 7 months, we would kiss and hang out and text occasionally but that's it. He asked me out one weekend when he was drunk and 2 days later when I seen him again he took it back, saying "I'm almost ready to date you." I said things I didn't mean and pretty much said "if you figure out what you want let me know, have a great summer" (bc this was 1 week before summer vacation from college.

We talked that week before summer break, we were ok by summer break. Said our goodbyes and a hug and that was it. 3 days later he txts me and we start talking again even more then before (everyday at least before bed, but eventually it was texting from noon til bed throughout the day), acting like were dating but were not, we visited each other 3 times (every 6 weeks) during the summer (we live 3 1/2 hours away and we both worked).

The last time we hung out before school started I came up to school to help him move in, I slept over and we had a great time together. When I left he gave me a hug and kiss and said "see ya later babe." about 10 min later he texted me saying he a great time like he always did after I left.

That was the last time I talked to him...i saw him a month later at a party and he apologized for not talking to me and said he didn't know why he stopped. He said that he got a second chance with me and he f***ed it up and he didn't know why? I'm amazing and I could be the one for him and he just f***ed things up. I asked if he was scared because his ex-girlfriend of 2 years cheated on him, and he said maybe but he didn't know. I ended up staying the night and it was like old times, until the morning when he said "idk what I want, but if nothing ever happens I want us to be friends", I agreed, and we talked once after that night. The only reason he talked to me was because I slept over at his roommates the next night and saw me in the morning and was wondering what I was doing there? About a month after that he started dating a girl, that I know was a f*** buddy when we were just friends those first 6 months or so.

I hid his profile on Facebook so I don't see news feeds, I never go on his Facebook, I don't text him, talk to him, or see him. Once in a blue moon he will comment on my Facebook something random and stupid (idk why). So I don't understand why I can't stop thinking about him? and I wish I didn't :(
Why can't I get over him? Why so I still like him??
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