When I told a man I was unloveable he said I was talking rubbish?

I've never had a man that has ever loved me, not my dad, not my kids dad. And when I told a man that I thought was into me how I felt about him and how I think I'll never have anyone love me, he told me I was talking nonsense. He dumped me few months later and then told me he never loved me or even liked me and I was just *fuckmeat* to him. he reinforced what I believed that I was nothing. I've given up on men as I've been hurt enough.

i take a day at a time and I've resigned to the fact I will be alone. I'm looking to change and do something like involve myself in charity work anything that keeps me busy because I've basically stopped pursuing love. I don't know where to start to volenteer to help others, anyone have tips or advice.


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  • You just met jerks. The problem is that they have taken the fight out of you. Doesn't it piss you off that people treat you like that?

    Regarding volunteering, what would you enjoy?

    • What's the point in fighting to be loved when the people I love don't love me.. I've tried and was humilated I have to live with that

      I don't know im looking for suggestions some people saying homeless shelters but there is none close to me at all..

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    • it's easier to move on if you're the kind of person that can adapt to change, im not one of those people.

    • It's practise.

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  • Sorry, you've had bad experiences with men.

    But maybe... you should keep focusing on yourself.

    Love can wait.
    You need your heart to mend itself before you can even start a healthy relationship with another.

    I suggest going to a homeless shelter or a school and asking if they have any volunteer work.

    • That's why I'm pushing myself out my depression, how dare I be sad when there are people out there that are worse off than me.. that's how I think.

    • That's a good and very motivational way of thinking.

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  • Any causes you're interested in? You can try local homeless shelters or ask people who work at churches.

    I hope you aren't really asking for verbal reassurances. People on here can tell you that you're loveable until they're blue in the face, but that won't change your experiences. Words are just words and so much weaker than actions.

    • It wouldn't matter what anyone said to me I wouldn't believe them anyway.

    • Good. You shouldn't. Instead, value their actions.

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