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I recently broke it off with my girlfriend, she was a good hour drive away from me so it was taking a toll over time on us. But I recently decided I wanted to see what was out there again, So I got on meetme/okcupid and so far nothing, I mean I get a short conversation and then these girls aren't even back on for days. or there so stuck up with themselves I guess that they read my first message and don't even answer. I mean all I say is something along the lines of "hey hows it going? or just "heyy :)" I mean its not even like I'm trying to get into anyone pants I just need people to chill with. As I never went to school in the area I'm living and even my work is a half hour drive so I don't actually know anyone here and my last relationship was 2 years long so every weekend was occupied for me and sometimes nights during the weeks. I mean is this something that's just gonna take a long time to build up again even just to meet new people to hang with? because it so nice out now and all i wanna do is be outside play some baseball football or catch a movie or go out to eat with someone whether it be a girl I like or even guys to just chill with, I mean can someone tell me what they found to be better then meetme/okcupid or something? or maybe I'm unattractive and that's why I'm not getting messages back often?


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  • I did have this problem before. I was only recently out of a 2year relationship which I didn't want to end but had to over personal problems. I then decided near Christmas time to just drink away my sorrows (which was not a good idea) but after getting bored of drinking at home I decided to see what the pubs were like in the nearest town which was a 20min drive from my house. It was there that I started making friends and had met my new partner. It takes time but websites are not the only thing that will help, sometimes you need to get out and try in public places.


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