Should I move on? She says she loves me and I love her madly and I feel like if I lost her I would just die please help?

She says she loves me and I am madly in love with her.. We broke up 2 weeks ago and have been through so much, I'm in the marine corps and she is back home and we have been through it all.. We are such a strong couple, the ideal like tumblr type couple.. We started fighting and then ended up breaking up after months of depression.. It's different now and I'm ready to come back and try again but now she doesn't want too and says she needs time.. I should also mention that she has been taking to this guy I fucking hate and he is just trying to get in her pants but she is too naive to see that.. She tells me she'll love me forever and she still wants to fuck but wait for a relationship until she is sure I changed and am mature and she "finds herself".. If I lose her.. Like I'll feel like death.. We got into it last night and it got to the point of we are done, she said go find someone else I'm done bye and then this morning it got better and like.. We came to the agreement that like we wait until she's good for a relationship again then go for it.. Until then, she says she isn't interested in other guys at all, just wants freinds, and once again says we can still fuck and all that.. What should I do? I'm so lost and like I had to be taken to the ER cuz I was freaking out so bad last night and this morning, they thought I was going to kill myself.. What should I do?
I should also mention.. She told me she doesn't have a problem with me getting a GF while I wait and that it would be good for experience.. Does that mean she doesn't love me?


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  • ... Really? She just told you what she wanted and you're asking what should you do?

    Give her time and space. Talk her like normal but don't bring up the relationship. Let her enjoy her freedom of being away from an apparently caustic situation. Stop being selfish and think about her. She said she needs to recuperate before getting back with you.

    So let her heal.

    • Thank you.. I just feel like if she messes with another guy then oh my god I know it sounds childish but fuck that's what will make me freak the fuck out and wreck me forever..

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    • Absolutely! If you cut and run to find another girl, do you know what that's going to tell her? That you didn't care about her and didn't want to wait around until she got her head on straight.

      NO woman wants a guy like that.

    • Ok I will! Thank you!!

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  • If you love each other you will wait it out while having respect and understanding and focus instead on benefiting yourselves as individuals.

    • You think I should wait and give her the time she needs? Or move on

  • I don't really know what to do!


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  • Your not in love. You're addicted to her and going through withdrawal.

    • What makes you say that?

    • "Love" is wanting what's best for both of you and not putting yourself above your partner. Love is not "I can't live without her!" It sounds like you are all wrapped up in what this means to you. You sound like you want to possess this woman and that's not consistent with love. I have been in love a few times and gone through breakups but I never needed to go to the ER.

      You don't sound like you would be capable of just having a sexual relationship with this woman after what you have been through. . . but I don't think very many guys would.

      You broke up for a reason and, if you get back with her, that reason will still be there. You insisting that this is the end of the world is just making the breakup worse and this going to the ER stuff might get you booted out of the Corps. You need to learn your lessons, forget this girl, man up, and move on!

    • I can see that.. I just wish it would work. But thank you for your advice it really helps.. Like I feel like this is the world

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