Why does my Ex keep contacting me after a couple of months of me ignoring him?

My ex boyfriend (27) and I have been on and off again, mostly off, in the last 3 years. The first time we broke up was because of he needed space; the second time was because of cheating, and being super naïve I always took the bait whenever he contacted me after a couple of months of ignoring him.
So this time I was moving on with my life, with focusing on university and shedding weight, and basically focusing on my happiness. He started messaging a month ago, mostly inappropriate messages, and I'd reply negative or just not reply at all, and it seemed like that made him eager to get to me, per se. So I finally agreed to meeting him, not intending to sleep with him. I was indifferent to him and cold, and one thing led to another unfortunately.
It went on for one more time, and just today I finally went to talk to him in person and told I can't do the friends with benefits thing anymore, and it's confusing as hell. His response? "Well let's not do it then"
I said "that's it?" And by that point I was already reluctantly emotional.
Him:"I'm working, and I might be moving to BC in two weeks, Andrew (his cousin) got a job out there... And I just wanna do me"
I just had it with him, and I was kinda crying as i took off on him. My last words to him were "you're a f@&king a$$hole."
I deactivated my fb so he won't ever contact me again. But my question is; how can I move on from him? And why did he keep messing with me whenever I was trying to forget about him?
Hi guys and gals, thanks for your opinions, much appreciated and much needed truth, however hurtful it was lol.
I guess I was stupid enough to take a demotion in hopes of a promotion.


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  • He's a fucking asshole, that's for sure, if that's how it all went down. First off, he used you, in which is screwed up, so disrespectful, and all the above. My advice, run, and don't look back.

    First off you shouldn't even be asking how can I move on? What are you thinking? He fucked you, screwed you, used you, while he's screwing with your emotions to, and all he had to say "Well let's not do it then"... Are you kidding me? What an asshole. He deserves no questions about him. You can find someone a lot better, and because your asking this question, still means your still interested in him, is what I'm guessing.

    Then about this second question, I'm not even going to answer it, who cares what he was doing? You need to forget about him once and for all. There's a lot better people out there, trust me. People that care, that are know how to treat a woman with respect, and have some for themselves to use people in that way.


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  • It's unfair that he felt that he could waltz in and out of your life whenever, but it sounds like you let him in also. It takes two to tango. Good job deactivating your Facebook, and it would be smart to block him on any other social media as well as your phone. Out of site, out of mind really does work in time. You will still initially miss and think about him, but the longer you don't see or have contact with him, the more time you will have to heal and focus on you, and eventually you won't think twice about him.


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  • Honestly, like if that were me I'd do that cuz I wanted sex... And that's all he wants. I can tell you cuz I'm a guy he just wants sex. And he needs a safety net (you)
    Look just block his number.. You already deactivated Facebook so just make it to where you can't be reminded of him.. And chug on.. Do not go back, just don't. You'll find someone who actually wants you, trust me. Just take it slow in the future, and make sure he's the one before you let "one thing lead to another" , TRUST me on that.


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  • Why do young naive girls always go for older guys who just want to use them?

    Stick to men your age even if it's only 4 years. Just move on, tell you're self he doesn't love you, because he doesn't.


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