Why is my ex acting like this?

My boyfriend and I broke up 3 months ago. It was hard because we were good friends for a couple of years first and we were in love. Why he really broke up with me is still a bit of a mystery because it came out of nowhere and I don't think it was thought through. I've seen him at a couple parties and we've gotten along and we even met for coffee a month or so after the breakup, and we didn't even talk about it, we just had a really nice chat and caught up on life for over an hour and it felt like nothing had changed. Whenever I saw or talked to him, I felt like that spark was still there.
We texted a little bit for a week, and then I saw him again for an event. After that, he didn't contact me me. I reached out to him once or twice over the next month and the conversation was very one sided, if that. I decided maybe he was trying to make a point of getting me out of his life. I decided to accept that and try moving on.
Then this week after almost a month he texted me to congratulate me on finishing my exams and asked how I was and liked a couple of my statuses. I thought that was nice that he thought of me.
Then tonight when I was at a party with a group of our mutual friends, he invited all of them out drinking with him... but said to not invite me. (Side note, not happy with my friends) they decided to all go, and thought they could get me home without me finding out. But I did, they ignored my sign of upset and dropped me off in an alley. I know its still kind of fresh, but I thought we were moving past this and able to get along. I thought we were adults and could handle situations like adults. I was hurt by everybody in the situation for handling it like we were in high school but especially with my ex and wondering why he felt the need to invite everybody at the party but me. Would my presence have really been that disasturous when I thought we were in a better and more mature place? I want to get over him and should but I feel like he's always in my head


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