My boyfriend broke up with me because he thinks I slept with another guy, how do I convince him its all lies?

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. He kept saying it wa because he couldn't stand seeing me hurt and upset by this girl who is saying these reay nasty things about me since I got with him (Long story). So he dumps me because he says that he's the reason she is causing me this pain.

But a lot of people are saying thats bull and the real reason is because that very girl is going around telling peope I slept with one of my friends behind his back. Please what do I do? I am so hurt by all this!


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  • One sure fired way to stop a lie is to get the one telling the lie together with the person that believes the lie and force the truth out in the open. Expose the lie and expose the lier. Their credibility will be shot to hell in a hand basket

    • The reason I have not confronted this girl is because I know she is saying these nasty things looking for a reaction, which I am not going to give her :(

    • I don't know anything left to do other than continue to deny it and settle for what happens

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  • What needs to happen, is confronting this girl, with him, and others. Things needs to stop. Who's this girl anyway? The long story might give more insight, so I could give you my advice on the matter.

    • Okay bear with me for sec,

      This girl is someone I have never met or spoken to, but she is dating my now ex boyfriends mate. Lets call her Sarah. Anyway one of the lads I know told me that Sarah is going around telling everyone im a selfish b*tch and all these really other nasty things. Which im not gonna lie hurt me.

      Now everyone says she is a trouble maker known for causing shit. My now ex hates her. The trouble all started when Sarah started telling people I was sleeping with one of my mates. Now I told my boyfriend it was all lies (which it completely is) and he believed me. But things started getting weird because Sarah is best friends with this girl called Abby, and Abby is good friends with my boyfriend. And in everyones eyes Abby is sweet as pie and would do no wrong, and now Abby is telling people im sleeping with my mate and its really upsetting me. Things between me and my guy didn't get weird until Abby started saying things

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    • ... for yourself. Sometimes we've got to be selfish from time to time, if we feel like others don't care about us, and are being selfish themselves. You don't need that, truly. You need someone that will respect you, and doesn't think your lying. Why would you even want to be friends with someone like that?

    • Thank you, this makes a lot of sense to me. Its just really hard because he was my first love, and I know in my heart he is a really great guy x

  • There's a piece of this puzzle that's missing. Why did he say that he's the reason this girl is causing you misery? Is it possible that he was having an affair with the other girl and she is saying bad things about you to cause you to break up so she can have this guy all to herself?

    • nope he really hates her, plus she is dating one of his friends. The entire story is described in one of the comments below x

    • So what bug crawled up Abby's butt? Or is she one of those girls who acted a certain way and had everybody fooled?

      It is usually impossible to prove that you didn't do something unless you can force your accuser to provide some details. So ask your boyfriend, "If you're convinced I did it with this other guy, tell me when and where I did it so I can defend myself." Maybe he will ask Abby for details and realize she doesn't have any information to back up her accusation.

      If I was you, I would be so pissed at this guy for believing others instead of me that I would be telling him to go sit on a fire hydrant and twirl. I'm not so sure that I would want to win back a guy who doesn't trust me. But I also understand that you don't want to just walk away because that looks like you're admitting that the accusation is correct.

      Unfortunately, some people (like Sarah, Abby, and maybe your boyfriend) prefer to live in drama. Best thing you can do is to distance yourself from those maladroits.

  • Just leave him. The first and best thing in love is 'Trust'. He lost. If he really loves you he won't believe. He is not the right guy. Sounds may be hard to follow. But, if you continue, you ll be in trouble. Just say bye to him.

  • Doesn't sound like a very good guy if he's going to believe someone else, over his own girlfriend


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