What can I do to get over... a stranger?

Long story short, I like a guy who is not in my year in my college who I've never spoken to for about 8 months and he recently got himself his first girlfriend which makes me feel like "ehhhhhh" everyday. I know I have to get over this and focus on myself but it's really hard when all i can do is get stuck in this boring college and see his face and be reminded of him almost every day. My major exam is also drawing near, which makes me worried. Sometimes I can't help it but feel down (partly hating myself for having a stupid crush on a stranger FOR SO LONG, partly for not getting to know him)

What can I do? now it feels like someone stab me right in my heart and there is no way of pulling the knife out.


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  • First i HATE exams sooo much
    Second the problem is that you don't know a lot guys do you?
    When you know someone else you'll find it waaay too much easier to forget about him believe me


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