What should I do when we see each other?

Boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 months ago because he needed space and time to focus on fixing his life. He has recently had serious issues with some stuff that prevented him from finding a job and sociolazing. Our relationship was amazing though, never had any problems there, even though it was a long distance. But then I found a really good job and met new people, while he was still stuck in his room playing video games all day. And he got the feeling of not being good enough for me, which ofc wasn't true. So he decided to fix his life by going back to university first. He also started vsiting a shrink. Basically he said he still loves me but that he doesn't see any future with me at this point, because I found a job here and he's going back to university for 2+ years. That distance is hard for him. But he knows that I always wanted to move there and was working my ass off to get an experience so I can apply for a job there, and this job can give me that. I was shocked ofc but can't say I didn't understand. So basically we stayed in contact. And everytime we talk it feels like we never broke up. He initiates chat more then I do. I love him. And I don't mind waiting for him and for my opportunity to move there. He said that he doesn't want me to wait and that I should move on, and whatever happens it happens. He said that he would be happy for me if I found someone else, and that he is not interested to find anyone, that he just wants to focus on university now and getting his shit together. Anyways, I told him I will be visiting my brother on summer who lives there as well and that we should meet one day too. He said he would loved to and that he can't wait, but that he will probably want to be intimate with me if I come, just so I know. What should I do? Should I visit him and sleep with him or not sleep with him? Or not visit him at all and move on completely?


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  • Visit but no sleep
    Nooo sleep..
    Do you know why?


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  • Avoid each other, act like he doesn't exist to you. Act like he's invisible, it works it just takes time.


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  • Do what your heart desires


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