Guys, What would you do if you wanted to win your ex back? If you were the one who broke up?

Let's say it passed less then 4 months and that the two of you are still chatting/talking from time to time.


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  • If you dumped him, step on your ego because he won't step on his (with reason, he was dumped)... If he still talks to you, he's already stepping on his ego enough, I know I wouldn't...

    Apologize and tell him how you feel but be damn sure that you know what you want this time for his sake.

    • Thnx but it's not me it's him :D I'm just not sure if he's trying to win me back or what...

    • Oh, I'm sorry for the confusion... If he broke up then it will be up to him to step on his own ego... If he lingers for a while like that, try seeing other people. If he doesn't get jealous then he may only want friendship but I really really doubt it ;) I know I would go crazy to see that if my plan would be to get back with you

  • Just apologize and ask him a rebound. If he loves you, for sure he will be back.


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