Any advise on getting rid of an ex for good?

I've been avoiding my Ex. I'm trying to let go. He has had surgery on his eye , and yesterday he called me asking if I could take him home because he couldn't see and didn't feel safe driving. My first thought was why isn't his baby mother doing it? Why is he calling me? I took him home anyways because I was a little concerned. Once we got to his house he sat in the car like we were going to chill. I asked him what's up with his bm. He then began getting mad and said he's leaving. I told him cool I don't care (I'm tired of chasing him)

I drove home less than 2 mins he text me saying how he appreciates me but feels like his bm is none of my business. My responds no worries , we text everything was cool. later that night I called him drunk trying to see him he says no because the bm is over there. I said oh yea I'm coming over now when I got there no other car was there but his cousin. Who claims he wasn't there. I knew he was home but I realize how crazy I looked so I went home.

this morning I called him asking him why does he call me when he has a bm to do for him. I told him to never call me again because I'm not doing this anymore. The frustrating part is that I know he's just going to wait a couple of days to contact me. I'm really trying to get out of this situation any advice on what to do when he try's again? I don't understand why he bothers me when he has someone. Everytime he has something serious going on he calls me. He needs to call his bm. I just want him to leave me alone he's done enough!


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  • block his number? lol...


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