Why am I even still concerned with him?

So I dated this guy, all together we were seeing each other about 2 years. first 6 mos we were friends with benefits . We liked each other but I had just got out of a relationship when I met him and didn't want to jump into another so fast. Well after we finally began dating, It was a long line of bulshit and questions of his faithfulness. We had a MC and I dk, I got tired of the shit, and being taken for granted. I loved him so much but I knew Id never be happy. So I left. Well after a slid yr of no contact i ran into him, it was like we never skipped a beat. Well that threw me off bc he seemed to take serious interest in me, and seemed like a different man. But we talked about the past and he opened up abouit somethings that rehatched old wounds. I couldnt deal, so i told him i couldnt be serious with him. Goodness but all the feelings, I didn't even know i had them, came flooding in when i met him again. I didn't know how to process them. Anyways, no he's out being a slut, with sluts, bc thats what he does.. and it makes me mad. Like why her, she's a slut.. (she really is) and he said that none of them were special, and i know that.. but it still gets under my skin. I can't be with him, I had to take some space to deal with my emotions, and he would have waited forever if i asked, but i told him not to. That wasn't fair. WTF is the deal. I love him but he's bad for me, and i know that, but im i guess jealous bc they are capable of being with him, and it not being toxic.. wtf.


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  • You say you can't be in a relationship without him being toxic. It seems you can't even have him in your life without it being toxic. I think you should cut him out of your life completely because he's making you feel bad.

    • True, but he doesn't do it on purpose. He says he's just lonely. Told him to quit all the partying and he might actually find a woman that would settle down. But he's who I turn to when she gets bad. Like I've had an awful week, I can't get out of my head and I got behind in college. I dk he called me last night and talked for hours, I cried a little, over nothing, we scolded each other and said we could do better. It helped me.

  • Someone is in love


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