How to build yourself after breakup depression?

Im about to turn 22 and I feel I have done nothing with my life. I have no real education and I just flunked out of the police academy a month before graduation. Still live at home. I start the academy again in 3 months and I'm going to be taking on a lot of community college classes next year too to finally get started. But I feel like me ex is 18 and already is ahead of me in life because she has more college done than me. Really really depressing. She left becuase her parents drove us apart finally. Fck anyone else feel like this?


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  • You're saying that you are starting the police academy in three months and are planning to take on a lot of community classes in the coming year. Hey, that IS something. There is no need to be depressed. You have plans for your future. That matters. You should never compare yourself to other people. Not to your ex and not to anyone else. Just keep on working towards your goals (and it looks like you have them) and stop looking left and right to see what others may have done that you have not (yet) done. You're about to turn 22, not 52!


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  • Do you mean how do you make a clone of yourself in the condition you were right after a break up?


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