Ever had that feeling you can't let go?

Okay so i broke up with my ex from 5 years ago but from then he still on my mind everyday i still want to impress him talk to him and everything. Sometimes this feeling goes away but it come back sooner or later. Now I am in a relationship with a guy who were my bst frnd for about 2 yearz but he is really perfectt and i am really happy with him but 2 weeks ago my ex sent me a song that killed me inside but we talk like stranger frnds and since then i am depressed and dont know what to do reallyy ! Anyone have the same feelings? What should I do?
When you dont know what feelings u are feeling, what should u do?


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  • Feelings come and go don't be foolish.


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  • Same here. I think you still might be in love with him why else would it bother you? Sometimes we meet certain people that we just can't seem to let go of. I don't know what you're feelings are for him or how much you love your current boyfriend but I think you should follow your heart.


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  • Take some time off your relationships and go somewhere peaceful, alone. Try figuring out what you want cuz these feelings creep in when you don't give yourself enough time to get over a past relationships. First give yourself some time to grieve on your past relationships and wipe your tears and move on. If you don't do this, you may ruin what you have at your hand. Hope this helped! 😊

  • This has been happening to me for years to! when i went out with him we had absolutely nothing in common, But 4 years ago when we broke up i still thought about him and now were been going out for 4 months and broken up again because were not alike but i know ill still always think about him? its really annoying


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