Ok so I split up with my girlfriend of 6 months?

On Thursday and I'm not sure if we are on a break or its over or even if I can win her back. I'll lay it out for you. She said we broke up because she isn't happy but I don't believe that as when we are together she's always happy and laughing and affectionate. It all happened over text as she couldn't meet me as she said it would be too hard. Then agreed to do so on Saturday, but I said I couldn't as I was going out with friends. As I've been a broken man since it happened and they wanted to cheer me up. She went mental about this and it ended on bad terms. Only to be followed an hour later by a text saying she told her little girl she wouldn't be seeing me no more and she cried and wouldn't talk to her. This made me cry as I read it and said I could meet up friends every now and then and slowly fade away. She said she wasn't sure. I told her I loved her and always would do and I'm always here for her and honestly if I couldn't make her happy I hope she finds a guy who can and I'd wish them the best. But she said she just wants alone time. Her mum said we shouldn't do anything silly and just have a break so I said I'd be happy with that as I just want her back. I've left her alone since Saturday afternoon but I just want to speak to her again even if only a text but is that going to push her away more? I know she's under a lot of stress with family and work but she always gets funny this time of the month. What do you think?


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  • If she says she wasn't happy with the relationship, then there was something she didn't want in the relationship and it was enough to break up with you over.

    of course, the only way to know the real reason is to talk with her about it in person. She may seem happy when she was with you but that doesn't matter bc she broke up with you of a sudden, right? I mean, if you don't even know why then how could you fix the issue? And maybe it has nothing to do with you and it's all her internal conflict. She says she's not happy and wants to be alone. I do agree that you should respect what she wants and leave her be but I think she should also respect your feelings. You want to be with her while she wants to be left alone, correct? Well, you two need to have one last conversation before leaving her alone. talk with her and both of you should agree to a time frame of how long she needs to be alone. After that time frame has passed, she will need to get back with you about the relationship And be willing to talk with you about it. SHE needs to contact you first about it.

    i think doing this will be a good compromise for both of you. She gets her time alone and after that time you won't necessarily be back with her but you'll be able to talk with her about what you both want from there on. if she doesn't contact you after the agreed time then move on, because you deserve someone who will respect your feelings. If she's unsure about the while compromise and has to think about it and has to get back with you at a later date, something tells me she wants to be single to see If she can find someone better than you before settling down.

    This is just a suggestion but i wish you good luck

    • Thanks for you input, I caved and messaged her earlier today and we texted for about an hour like normal and she said how she missed me and that she wasn't sleeping because I wasn't there. But she said she isn't sure what she's wants and that we aren't over and we are on a break but she doesn't know how long till she will know. She said she will message me in the morning and I have the feeling after a few days she might know

    • I hope she will be able to give you a clear answer about her feelings and about the relationship soon. people who say to their partners that it is just a break and they aren't over yet and they just don't know what they want right now are people I don't want to deal with in terms of relationships because i feel like she's using you until she decides whether or not to keep you.

      I don't know you but I know what it's like to get my heart broken over and over because I was strung along by a guy who didn't know what he wanted and he would give me mixed signals. I waited and hoped and put in the effort to be with him and let him have his space and he claimed he wanted me and blah blah months later he decides he didn't want to settle with me and instead settled for a lady ten years older than him with 3 kids and a husband in jail... of course they lasted maybe a couple weeks and he begged me back and all that.

      Just don't want anyone to get hurt because of their partner being unsure.

    • Thank you for help, and for caring as much as I love her I'm not waiting around forever I want this resolved within a week or two. I'm going to tell her that too

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  • Now look, she said she wanted alone time, so do what she wants and leave her alone. Very likely she'll take your messages as pressure on her, and react with anger.

    Wait at least a couple of weeks before you even think of contacting her, unless of course she contacts you first. If she doesn't within that couple of weeks, it's very likely sayonara for good.

    I have no idea WHY she broke up with you, but like you, I suspect it's something other than what she says.

    • The thing is tho she said she just wants to be on her own. But I don't believe that, two days prior to breaking up we spent the day together I got a key cut for her place and she said how happy she was and that she loves our time together

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    • That's what I was thinking, maybe she's scared of it getting serious and it not working out. Tho I do really love her and honestly never felt this way about a girl before. I was always more of a lad in my younger years and didn't really do relationships but it sounds silly but I fell hard for her e first time I met her. I appreciate your input, like people say you can only take so much advice off others

    • Well hey, I dont' know either of you.. so this is just an educated guess.

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  • "She said we broke up because she isn't happy but I don't believe that as when we are together she's always happy and laughing and affectionate" --- your deluded, and it looks to me you're denying the break up. You did something, or a number of things, that caused her to end it. What was it?

    • Nothing it cam completely out the blue. But we have been taking the last few days and she called me earlier and we were chatting like normal. She admitted to me last night she d
      Thinks she's depressed and that there's loads going on in her head.

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