I scared my ex what should I do?

we broke up and were thinking about getting back together. but she had guys stay the night so i punched the door and pushed into her room. she called the cops on me and threatened a restraining or against me if i talk to her agian? should i let it go and move on then? i gave her a promise ring a while back and we both wanted to marry each other but now it won't happen.
she had 3 guys stay the night because they were friends. i did over react now she is sleeping with somoene else. i messaged her tellkngher that i hope that guy can do her beter than i can and how she is a slut. bad idea i know. i love her so much but i know nothing will happen again since i did that. i just don't understand why she'd tell me that these guys were staying the night. i moved into the smae apartment complex becuase she didn't want me to live with my friends. i know its over
i can't contact her or else the restraining order will happen. i love her to death and we both were talking about getting married. i gave her a promise ring. i just don't understand why she won't give the promise ring back. it was expensive


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  • Being you both were in this so-called "Break up," your temper got the best of you and seeing she had 'Guys stay the night" when you both were separated, it lead To-------I punched the door and pushed into her room.
    Even though you both talked of reuniting, she apparently had other ideas and you felt like this fifth wheel. She most likely began her beguine of getting used to the idea of Not being hooked at the hip with you, became this free bird and with this, brought other sparrows into her love nest, causing you to fly off the handle.
    She may or may not have meant to get the Restraining Order, and even if you both would kiss and make up tomorrow, there is no telling if she might do this again or if she could hold down the fort with you in a Real Relationship.
    Contact her by phone or by text but I would suggest for now but no face to face. It could lead down a beaten path, a War of the Roses and you might end up getting hauled off somewhere because you would realize, too late, you would never again be two birds of a feather who do stick together.
    Good luck. xx

    • true, but I just have to move on and find someone else who likes being around people and who has friends that are girls

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand and yes, I agree. xxoo

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  • What you should do if stay away from her, do not contact her, and consider the loss of the ring a lesson learned. If you wanted the ring back, you should have asked for it when you broke up.


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  • Why did she have guys stay the night?
    Yes , you overreacted but where was the respect in your relationship on her end?

    • She does not have any girl friends, and I know one of the guys wanted to sleep with her

  • omg she's sleeping with 3 guys! she's a whore you dont want diseases think of the promise ring as a thing you gave her to get rid of her! be happy !

  • You broke up before all of this even happened. So you need to accept that it is over. Especially now that you've crossed that line. For now, you should leave her alone. She has made it clear she doesn't want to talk to you again. If she wants to be back in touch, she will let you know. So yes, let it go and move on.

    • I know I have moved on. it was a dumb thing to do. Its quite easy to find girls in college especially one that has 30k+ people

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  • Might be nasty but this single handily the stupidest thing I've heard anyone do

  • The ring was a gift. She doesn't have to give it back. Move on bro.


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