Why is he acting like that?

my ex broke up with me 4 months ago we still talked each other and now we remains friends but yesterday i texted him cuz he works at flower shop and i have a baptism so i needed some flowers but he told me i dont want to talk to u anymore pls dont text me anymore and i was like wtf i know i still have feelings for him but he changed out of the blue i don't know why i just asked him about the flowers i texted him today and he told me im gonna b real busy so i won't answer my phone anymore i don't know what to think i know he is not my bf anymore but its really weird the way he is acting


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  • I am guessing with you both as friends right now, he may be mad at your for something you are Not aware of and this is why he is behaving like a not so sweet rosy posy.
    Perhaps he also could be feeling that things have become too cozy for comfort and he could have been feeling he has been growing cold duck feet and now is chickening out.
    Try and get to the bottom of this but in the meantime, find another florist that doesn't treat you like you are War of the Roses in a hand basket. With an "EX" that still Marks his X in your own heart, one never knows if they will stay friends till the end or end up a Fair weather friend instead.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank u i guess he met someone else i don't know i m just trying to move on cuz i feel bad the way he treat me

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    • thanks to u cuz u made feel good

    • Why thank you, sweetie, and thank you for allowing me to help you... You just made my nite.:)) xxoo

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  • Maybe he doesn't want to see you because he found someone else..


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  • Sounds to me like he's met someone new, to be honest.

  • You need to get over it... The more you try to talk the worse you'll feel.


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