Boyfriend broke up with me because of stress and confusion?

My long distance boyfriend of 5 months broke up with me 3 days ago because he's stressed and confused about the future. He's in chemical engineering and is about to loose his co-op program at Marathon because he's failing 2 classes. The past few weeks I've only been able to talk to him once or twice a day, and I was ok with that because I'm in school too and taking a lot of credits. But when he called me and told me that he was going to have to drop out of school and transfer to a college out of state most likely to get the help he needs, that's when he told me that he doesn't know when he'll have time to see me and talk to me because of all the confusion with school and his job. He also has been pretty sick too due to all the stress. I kept begging him that I wanted to work this out and go where he goes but of course he said no and told me not to give up on my future because of him. He knew that he has been neglecting me but I understood because of school and I could deal with that. He kept telling me I didn't do anything and none of this is my fault but he said everything is up in the air and needs to do this on his own. He got real emotional and started crying because I started crying. Then he said he needed to go because his mom was trying to call him and said he would call me back but never did. Before we had this conversation I called him earlier to check up on him but he was about to go to class and said he'd call me back later and told me he loved me. Funny how that drastically changed. Our finals are in 2 weeks and I still care about him and want to know how he's doing. What should I do?


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  • Give him his space. Especially before finals.


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  • What should you do? Stop begging and pleading like a neglected, starving, abandoned puppy.
    These situations are hard and they hurt. I know all too well. However, when someone breaks up with you, dumps you... essentially leaving you, being a quitter, and giving up on the bond you've built; you have got to pick up your pride and move on. Do not prolong the shock and heartache by willingly deciding to be rejected over and over when you beg them to change their mind that has already been made up. Deal with your grief in private. It's not easy and it takes strength but it's better than sitting around desperately hoping they will reverse a decision that has already been made.
    You need to begin your healing process by taking time and space away from him. Stop trying to be his buddy, stop trying to get him to continue treating you like his girlfriend when you are now his ex, stop trying to get him to fit you into his schedule. Start focusing on your life, what makes you feel peaceful, and what brings you joy.


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