How do you get over someone?


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  • Well, there are loads of options but which one is the most effective depends on the person; and which one is the healthiest is debatable.
    1) block their memories out completely - get busy with loads of work, gym, studies or even friends. Basically, work on yourself and distract yourself as much as you can from thinking about them.
    2) hook- up - many people go completely mental and hook up with anything that moves in the hopes that they'll get over their ex, though this barely works because you can't really fill an emotional void with meaningless sex.
    3) get a rebound - this isn't simply a hook up, but a proper relationship. many people do this, usually to feel that emotional void left behind after a break up; they jump to new relationships without getting over their last ones and I find this really unhealthy.
    4) do nothing at all - Just do what you would do usually, don't make getting over that person your life goal. Time will eventually heal it all.

    Personally, I find 1&4 the most effective and the least likely to have any affects in the long run. Hooking up with random people a lot can make some people feel emotionally hollow, and running to rebound relationships can play with the other persons feelings if you're still pining over your ex.

    But, from the 1st point, don't block their memories out. Talk about it, cry as much as you want, take it all out. The more you suppress it, the more likely it is to bounce back at you later.


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  • By doing other things and meeting new men

  • Move on and stop lingering in the past.

    • that doesn't help

    • Grieve if you need to. Girl, move on. It would be a process but If you continue wishing and hoping he'd be back you would be forever stuck there. Life goes on.

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