Girls, Why is my ex's flatmate talking to me?

Broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year 5 months ago and was initially messaging her quite a lot but then backed off completely when she said she had a new guy and he didn't like it. A few days ago she messaged me asking how I was and I kept it brief and courteous. Then a few days later her female flatmate messaged me asking where I was and if I could help her with their electricity meter in their house. I was at a party so couldnt really do anything but she eventualy figured it out herself and said she missed me and that I should see her when she gets back from bulgaria, and asked me if I wanted her to bring me back anything.. My ex's flatmate is really loyal and definitely doesn't want anything to do with me seeing as she recently blocked me on facebook because my ex didn't like that I was messaging her. Any thoughts? Whats the motive? Should I meet up?


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