Just want closure

Sorry for a repost, and being a long post but this is driving me insane.

I split up with my boyfriend just recently after seeing him for about six months. We had a lovely summer together and he was everything I expected a boyfriend to be. Kind, considerate, would help me out if I needed anything, visited me in hospital when I was really ill with kidney stones, went out for long walks together and spent warm evenings outside smoking cigarettes staring up at the stars (or him chuckling at my astronomy obsession). He admitted how much he liked me and I gotta admit I started developing some pretty deep feelings for him

Anyway this guy is a soldier and initially I met him a few weeks before he was due to go training in Yemen. Anyway we hit it off and would email, IM and text each other everyday while he was there. Couldn't wait to see each other as soon as he got back and would visit each other every weekend and sometimes during the week if we could while he was home.

Towards the end of the summer he told me he was due to be posted to Afghanistan for a few months and explained it wouldn't be like the time when he was in Yemen and that contact would be difficult but he'd try his best.

So I kissed him goodbye, told him I'd miss him more than a retard misses the point and waited for his email. I did my bit and emailed him faithfully twice a week every week (one normal email telling him what I'd been up to and one sexy email telling him what I was gonna do to him when he got home). He replied three weeks later and told me how much he loved getting my emails.

One day before my birthday he emails saying he's worried that he hasn't heard anything from me and why had I forgotten him and asking if I was alright. I mailed back and reassured him that I was busy making plans for my 30th and that I hadn't forgotten him.

Three weeks after that I get an email saying he had met another girl out there but could we still be friends. I emailed him back in a fit of rage saying thanks for leading me on for the past seven weeks, I thought I meant something to you. I never once forgot you,but it seems as tho you've forgotten me. Please don't bother replying to this as I'm too upset.

Deleted him from everything and threw all his presents away. He's back home now and I've heard nothing from him which I'm not surprised about.

But why did he do this when I was the loving faithful girlfriend and didn't even consider cheating on him once? I just don't understand and I'm tempted to message him to ask why he did this to me.
Just want closure
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